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My Review of AuthorsReading.com

Founded -February 2009

This is one of the free book review sites out there.

The look and feel this website delivers is comparable to walking into your favorite old library or comfy mom and pop bookstore. The ones where we love to sit and read, talk favorite books or authors with the owner, or meander around all day if we could. It’s very quiet and comfortable.

The site looks like they need a few volunteers to reshelve some of the scattered books lying about. As welcoming as it is I couldn’t help noticing it seems cluttered as I navigated around the blog. Maybe that is necessary for an old library or bookstore. So many of them are untidy.

One the home page there is among many other categories a ‘Featured Author’ section that has the same author being featured now for some time. I am not sure if they ever change it. This is not necessarily a criticism because this may be intended. It reminds me of the favorite old bookstore that never changes its bestsellers display in a timely manner.

stack of books

Not a bad place for readers either because of the book and Author reviews.

The ‘Book Reviews’ section is first after the home page. If you like good mystery book review sites then this is your kind of place. With that being said I want to make sure to point out that the book reviews are not categorized by genre. In fact, it is listed alphabetically which is disappointing. There is a drop-down listing you can use to search by genre but it isn’t immediately clear and will be difficult for new users to notice. It looks like a standard search window, not a listing.

In fairness to the blog managers, my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. As many writers and readers will often have this issue it would be helpful to see the genre drop-down list more prominently.

There is also the ‘Bibliophilia’ section under the ‘authors/publishers’ tab: A video introducing the concept of collecting and caring for all books including antique books can be found there. Along with descriptions of the value some rare books like the $11 million dollars ‘Gospels of Henry the Lion, Order of Saint Benedict.’ Also mentioned is Leonardo’s codex worth a reported $30 million. Other rare old books are covered and a nice intro to caring for antique and rare books.

Book Reviews from a to z and a large listing of authors listed with a mini bio on each. The list of articles in that category include: “Have you always wanted to write a novel?” “Five Tips for writing in a literary collaboration.” “Nearly one in five Americans now listen to audiobooks.” Industry news is reported in the article “California threatens to shut down small booksellers.” There are many other articles but that gives you a feel for what’s waiting for you to check out.

author editing

You can submit an application to have your book reviewed by their experts.

This is their main service. I like that they show it as ‘application’ to get your book reviewed. It makes it clear it is not guaranteed. Some sites list it differently and mislead writers.

A great article about writing contests including the Pen-Craft award that gives 500 dollars to the winner selected from books reviewed by Authors Reading. It should be noted that the category is ‘contests’ but there is only one covered- their own.

The last category ‘Authors/publishers’ covers more information about the review process and why you should get a review for your book. It covers how to go about getting a review that ultimately offers to help sell your book.

An article explaining the benefits of Grammarly gives hope to authors needing editing help. I happen to agree with their opinion of Grammarly because I use it for all my writing. I found it after trying many apps that purport to assist with writing but fall very short of acceptable. Not so in Grammarly’s case. Here is my review of Grammarly.

editors desk

In Conclusion

They do not push their service aggressively. I enjoyed reading the reviews without getting ads in my face or pop-ups interrupting me.

This blog has covered the full spectrum of what you might want from a book review site and more. One thing you cannot complain about concerning the Authors Reading site is broad coverage. Each category is jam-packed and far-reaching. They obviously have a lot of time invested in this research.

Take advantage of this service if you wish to further your writing career. Getting reviews of your story is one important step towards that goal. One of the nice features of this blog is its clear message. You know what they do and how to involve yourself in it.

The qualifications of the people running and managing www.AuthorsReading.com are substantially more than suitable for this kind of blog. Authors Reading should be considered one of the top book review sites purely on the quality and quantity they deliver.

This video from the authors reading site introduces book collecting

3 thoughts on “www.AuthorsReading.com is One of the Top Book Review Sites Out There

  1. This seems like a great book review site. I simply love the old book store analogy, mainly because I love old book stores and the home type of feeling you get when you go into one. It could be that the navigation is the way it is because they are not “in you face” selling you on anything. I like this approach. One question I do have is, what are their requirements to review a book?

    1. Hi and thanks for reading the post. I love old bookstores also. It’s true they don’t press anything hard. The requirements for the first stage of the review process are simple. They want the title of the book and the format- as in ebook, audiobook, etc. the next step of the review process is handled directly between you and the site reviewers. I can’t get to that stage of seeing if there are any unusual requirements without filling the first stage out and I don’t have a book I want to be reviewed just now.
      They are there for you the author so there won’t be any difficult requirements. Their goal is to help you promote your book.

  2. Hi, I love reading books and learning about new material. On the authors reading.com I think I will find a lot.
    I’m not an author my self, only writing small blog texts but reading is an important part of my life.

    I also like reading book reviews, they are often very interesting and one can quickly find ideas for new reading material.

    Thanks for your recommendation 🙂

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