Writing a blog for Fun and Profit

So if we are trying to make a living, or maybe more with our writing, what is the best approach? Most of us have heard of writing a blog for fun and profit, is that the best way? Let’s say you want it to be a full-time business. Selling your work.

How do you start? There are places like Amazon that will sell your books or e-books, and there are plenty more.

One of my favorite romance authors, Selena Kitt, who has sold around a million books or so, I forget the total, uses several approaches to sell her work.

For one thing, she advertises the next story in the story you’re reading at the moment. Secondly, she uses email marketing and so many more types of marketing. She is always thinking ahead I guess.

Her website is set up professionally designed to sell her work. Take a peek at selenakitt.com. She has a nice offer for free stories for signing up on her email list. I am reading them currently.

Just keep in mind that they are adult oriented stories. Erotica. Some might call them ‘steamy romance stories’ but that is up to you.
I am on a personal journey to learn internet marketing to help make money from my writing. Maybe you can too. Have you tried it yet? If you have any interest in it you can click here and take a peek. This place is the easiest site for learning how to do that entire internet selling and the mechanics of running an online business that I have found. Click here if you want to learn more

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  1. Hello Paul, wonderful blog post!! Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I have never created blogs before, and knew little to nothing about blogging. As time went on, blogging started to become very easy to me. I can now create content like it’s nothing!!! I’m also trying to monetize from my traffic as well, as promoting products on my blogs relating to my niche. Creating blogs is fun, and it is a joy for me to write about my interests. Thanks again, and I wish you the best of luck within the online business!!

  2. This is great! If you’re a writer and want to write books, what better way to #1 practice your writing skills and #2 market your books than with your own blog?

    But it definitely takes the right skills and training to understand how to get your blog in front of people. I love Wealthy Affiliate for that. They teach you everything. Everything!

    1. It’s true. The training is the key with WA. I’ve been looking for something like this for many years. All I found until now were sites that seemed sleazy in their approach. I was certain there must be an ethical way to do business online. How has your experience been with your blog?

  3. In my opinion, the desire to write and communicate with your audience should be placed first.
    Great, if you can make money out of it, too. I will definitely check out Selenas site!

    1. Totally agree with you Felix. That’s why i like the training at WA. They promote giving real value and relevant information to the reader first and worry about money later. Thanks for stopping by. How is your blog coming?

  4. What a great post.
    I had never thought that I would be able to build a site let alone fill it with my own post.
    When I was beginning my training I remember thinking “I have no clue how to do this”. I have since published 24 post and I have even had some make it to the first page of major search engines.
    When you have the passion for your topic, it becomes very easy.
    While In school in my younger years, I would write awesome short stories. I have not written any type of content since.
    When you are provided the right training, tools and support, you can accomplish anything.

    1. Thanks so much Lee Ann. I hope you go back to writing some day.
      I was in the same boat. i couldn’t imagine building a good site.
      You’re right the passion is key for writing content consistently.
      I love what I write about so it helps.
      Are you happy with your progress with your blog and business?

  5. Your article is short and to the point. Full of great information. I am definitely going to check out the ebook right now. Thanks for all the great information.

    1. Thank you Curtis. I appreciate the kind words. I hope you enjoy reading the book. I did. Let me know how you feel about the ending.

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