Would You Like to Sell Your Short Stories?

There are a ton of websites talking about the many ways to sell your short stories. Many of the ways we can get them published pay little to nothing though.

The Business is Changing

Experts in our field often say let them be published anyway you can to build a following. It may increase your audience and make it easier to get major publishers to buy your work. There are other ways.

The whole business is changing as technology changes. There are still some old-fashioned publishers out there doing it the established ways. It is fast becoming abnormal to do it that way.

That’s how Steven King does it apparently. The old-fashioned way, he talks a lot about his relationship with publishers in his book “On Writing

So many people are now self-publishing.

Does that sound interesting to you, or scary? Tell me how you feel about it. I’m torn. I write for myself. All my stories were written with the idea that no one would ever read them. Even my four novels were written just for my own pleasure.

Self-publishing does sound nice for an introvert like me. I can’t imagine going out doing all the promotional work to sell a book the traditional way. Many authors can. Are you one who could?

Options for Selling Your Short Stories

Over at TCK publishing they talk about selling short stories in this little blurb. Writers who are really interested in focusing on the short fiction opportunities out there might want to subscribe to Duotrope, Poets & Writers, or Writer’s Market to get more ideas of where to submit.” You can read the full article at https://www.tckpublishing.com/get-paid-to-write-short-stories/ if you wish.

Duotrope is a web company that says they help you find publishers for your work. It is a subscription service. It’s nice to be able to just write. If that is a good program. Does anyone know? Has anyone tried it yet? Let us know with a comment.

Poets and Writers have been around since 1970 and they focus on literary magazines and their guidelines for getting your work submitted. They talk about the research they do on over 1200 magazines and they keep a database and offer it to you. They list that they are the largest non-profit organization serving creative writers.

Writers Market website is basically the same as the above. Database and ways to organize all the possibilities for you to get published. They charge a monthly subscription fee however. Everyone has to pay the rent right?

So There You Are With a Few More Ideas I hope To Sell Your Stories

I will on occasion find more information if you want on selling short stories. I was asked to write a piece on character development recently so I will post that soon.

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