When writing short stories, money comes up all the time

When writing short stories, money comes up all the time for me. Should I sell my stories? What about you? Do you see your stories? Is it working well for you? Let us know with a comment here.

Does thinking about trying to sell or make a living off of your writing make you feel nervous? It does me. My stories are so personal. I put so much or myself in there and then I’m vulnerable.

So just suck it up, or hitch up my pants, and get on with it right? Before I answer that I want to say having the knowledge that I was writing purely for myself is what freed me up to write over 400 short stories and four full novels. I do worry about losing that.

I truly don’t want to lose that freedom to express. I do realize that I may be far too sensitive to be dealing with all this. I would love to have a thicker skin, to care much less what others think of my work than I do. If any of you have any ideas on how to get to that point I am all ears.



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