What is Creative Writing pt 2


What is Creative Writing part 2

What makes good creative writing? Consider it as a deep understanding of life and or your environment as told through your eyes so others can see what you see. Feel what you feel.

Observe the world around you. What do you see? Where are you? How did you get there?

When you see a hat, describe the hat, the history, how did the hat become the thing you see? Did someone famous wear it, or buy it for you? How old is it? Maybe the origin of the materials used to make the hat is an incredible story by itself.

I once saw an old, actually antique fedora hat sitting in my papa’s closet. It was perfectly clean and was given a place of near reverence to sit in that closet. It was brown and had a small peacock feather slid into the half inch black silk band that was fitted around the head of the hat.

Amazing colors flooded my eyes when I saw this feather. It was almost too much for me at that age. It sent me to a magical place and I missed my school bus because of that day dream.

Now I put myself in that frame of mind at least once a day to help form new chapters in my stories or sometimes the full story comes to me in a day dream created by simply thinking about an issue going on in the world today.

When you see the news and it shows a city that is torn up from war or revolution imagine a small boy sifting through the rubble looking for his sister or mother. How does that boy get through each day?

How does he eat? Does he go to school? You can tell a story about this boy’s life from that vision of horror the TV has delivered to you. It doesn’t belittle the horrors of war. It teaches us a deeper understanding of life in an area devastated like the boy’s city may have been.

If you have that creative mind open and let the magic in who knows what you might create. My mind tends to go towards a certain kind of story. A genre within a genre I suppose. So when I go to that magic place of creative flow I see something different than you do.

You see something different than me and everyone else. Use it to tell your story.



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