Resources For Writers

By resources, we mean anything that will help a writer keep writing.

Often that means money. So many of today’s writers are stuck in nine to five soul-sucking jobs that drain their creativity. We want to help that come to an end. To give you the opportunity to write all day long if you want. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Hemingway wrote short stories
Papa wrote short stories

There are money making programs out there that can be run with a small daily time investment to keep them going. There are many that require writing skills. We review those programs here.

We don’t just review them, often we do them. Join them, invest, whatever is needed to see if they are legitimate before we recommend them to you.

We take the time to break these programs down to the step by step approach that many of us need to learn by. People that are natural or experienced business people don’t always need that step by step process but if you are focusing your mind on creativity you aren’t concerned with Google Analytics. Unless it was needed for a story.

We may let you in on a program that we are testing before we have a finished review for you. We will always let you know as we inform you if we have tried it yet ourselves. Some programs just sound so good that we get excited about them just like many others do. Especially those who really need to make money fast. If we tell you about one that we are excited about but haven’t yet fully reviewed then you will be researching it along with us in those cases. Hugo award

We can collaborate while we learn the new system if you wish. Leave comments below this one or any other articles discussing those programs that you want to try as we do and we’ll get in touch.

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