Writers -Want To Know how to make money fast online?

Do you need money pretty quick?

Ok, I’ll tell you some proven safe ways to earn money online.  Begin right now and do them at the same time. You can work on each project one at a time, but all of them should be part of your daily or weekly routine of making money. Some of my ideas will be new to you, some won’t.

I’m very excited about some of these. Like the first one Global Money Line. It has tons of potential if I understand it correctly.

Global Money Line is a free list builder with an affiliate program and it is very easy to do. Go here

Grab free leads now

Watch the short video on the system and you will see how simple and valuable it is. You can begin making money there right away. Go check it.

The second one is Fiverr. You can make money writing online by opening a free account. It’s easy. Fill out your profile offering your writing services. You set your own prices.

You choose which gigs to accept. You are always in control.  I know a lady making decent money writing articles for internet marketers on Fiverr so I know it’s safe and works. She just began a few months ago and she picked up writing gigs the first week.

fiverr banner
Click on this and set up your free account to sell your services


Sometimes she is writing articles for a blogger. Sometimes she is writing advertising. There are several categories and you pick the ones you’re willing to do.

Another way to make money from writing is to sell sponsorships to your blog. Yes, you can have fun writing about your favorite subject then gain a following leading to sponsors that will pay you to place ads on your blog. It is a thriving business for many bloggers out there so why not you?

Would you like to make money with your writing?

It will take work. At first, it will seem hard. Then you’ll get used to it like anything else and it will take less and less time and effort for each project. If you really want to make money using your writing then you should go here and set up a free account. It’s free and you can keep that free account as long as you want. No one will try to upsell you.

This course and website are secure with a proven system that people are making their livings and some are getting wealthy with.  On that site, you’ll learn many other ways to make money online that I haven’t covered here yet. It is where I learned how to make money writing online and I am still a member.

There are members there who make millions online and they stay as members to give back and they like the community. It also helps them keep abreast of industry news. They offer free mentorship and advice to others they can see are trying hard to make it work.

It’s waiting for you.

Flipping Blogs

Some people flip houses, buy them, fix them up, and sell them. Flipping Blogs is the same except you start a new blog and build it up then put it on the market. We have members selling their blogs for up to 40k. He had four or five months of effort put in on that one if I remember right. Consider it, you may love it.

Discover ways to make a living you hadn’t thought of with your writing.

Are you willing to work hard?

It will take a strong commitment. You may be one of the lucky or super smart ones that make money online in large amounts as soon as you learn the system. I wouldn’t count on that though because the odds of overnight wealth are not as good as getting struck by lightning in Florida. It’s a legitimate career choice to use your writing skills to make a living online. It will fit in with all the things you may already do to sell your work. Such as social media marketing. Maybe you are trying to do that and you may be struggling with it.

The proven systems for managing social media you will learn there are results driven by live examples. You can do this. You could be making a nice living online in little time. Join us. 

This learning platform has classes teaching effective social media marketing. If you work hard and study the material you can guarantee your success in the online world. You will learn the best ways to sell your work.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had all day to write? This is the goal I am working towards. I had it once. I was able to write all day and it was heaven. I ran out of money and now I am working to fix that so I can go back to writing all that I want.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy writing articles like this one because I like to help.

So it starts out hard but then it will get easier after it all makes sense. Join me. The system is step by step. Clear and straightforward. Nothing scammy about it. Take a peek at the training here.

Making a steady ‘passive’ income would allow you to quit your day job and write your masterpiece. You would have all day to do so


Go to this site and sign up for a free account

Take a good look around. See what you think. It costs you nothing to try but time. When you do look me up and I’ll show you around.  My name is Paul Huggins1 on that site. You have to put the one after the name. Join me and a ton of very successful people making money online writing articles and many other things. What are you waiting for?



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