Today I want to talk about selling short stories on Kindle

Has anyone used Kindle to sell a story? Do you use it to read books or stories? What is it like selling short stories on Kindle?

I’m going to go out in the internet world and find some authors who have and bring you this helpful information. It should help us both decide whether to use Kindle or not to either sell, or read stories.

There are people who claim to make quite a bit of money selling other people’s work. Does that sound appropriate to you? It seems to be that hiring someone to write and then selling that work as your own falls somewhere in the not so ethical boundaries.

Maybe it is me not getting used to the new ways of doing things online. Does the wide open reality of the internet cause business to be dog eat dog in nature? Can ethical people still do well in online business? I think it is possible.

Although having money or profit as the number one goal of an enterprise will generally always lead to ethical bending and people getting hurt people, companies, corporations, still do it as a rule.

We can write short stories and sell them on Kindle in an honest and morale way. Feeling good about our work and methods can often lead to the mind being free to create more. Doing good leads to good things.

So stay tuned and I will bring you what I found about Kindle right here and very soon.

2 thoughts on “Today I want to talk about selling short stories on Kindle

  1. Great idea – I’ve never thought of selling stories on Kindle to make money. I think its a great way to look into it and see what ideas I can come up with. thanks for the idea.

    1. You’re welcome and thanks for your website. I like the niche review idea.

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