Top Choices From the Best Lists For Writer’s Blog Sites

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best lists of writers blog sites

The Best Creative Writers Blog Sites From the Writers’ Academy

the penguin random house logo
Penguin Random House Logo
  1. Grammarly= a very popular writing blog site most of us have heard about. Grammarly’s editor is quite popular. It’s writing software that works in your browser.
  2. Copyblogger=  Ethical marketing in an age of ‘creeps’

  1. The Creative Penn=  Joanna Penn writes the content and there are a ton of resources there for writers. Writing, self-publishing, marketing, entrepreneur help. It’s all there.
  2. Goins, Writer= Author Jeff Goins has many resources for writers here including podcasts, writing instruction, advice, and guides.
  3. Terrible Minds=  Chuck Wendig is a novelist, screenwriter, and game designer. NSFW language is in his articles so you have been warned.
  4. Jane Friedman= Jane shows up on many lists because she is very good at what she does. She brings a lot of value to her blogs for writers.
  5. Daily Writing Tips=  is just what it seems. Writing tips to help improve your work.
  6. Helping Writers Become Authors= M. Weiland is a fighter, writer, and a child of God. She offers to mentor authors along with some writing software.
  7. The Writers Academy= from Penguin Random House, it offers online creative writing courses.
  8. The Write Life=  We go to the Write Life often here at because there are useful articles and tips to be found.

Here is the best list of twitter tweets for writers: It comes to us from  author Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman
Jane Friedman
  1. John Kremer’s ‘People Worth Following’
  2. Here is Joel Friedlander’s ‘Self-Publishing’ public list of resources=
  3. The best list of ‘Best Book Review Feeds’ by GalleyCat=
  4. Best Writing Advice Feeds by GalleyCat=
  5. Best Author Twitter Feeds by GalleyCat=
  6. Best Book Publicity Feeds by GalleyCat=
  7. Digital Publishing Feeds by GalleyCat=
  8. Writing Faves by Julie Isaac, Author=
  9. Best writing Tips by Rachel Jameson=
  10. Best Book Promos by Melissa Foster=
  11. The best list of well-known B2B Copywriting gurus by Micheal A. Stelzner=
  12. Best public list of Writers resources by Nick Thacker=
  13. Best public list of Digital and Social Media by Courtenay Bird
  14. Best public list of writing associations by The Write Life

The 15 ‘Best’ List of Writing Platforms Comes From The Next Web

The next web logo
The Next Web
  1. WordPress=there is: [ and] 19% of the internet is powered by WordPress.
  2. Blogger= is very easy to start a blog but has several limitations
  3. Tumbler= first big one to combine blogging and social media
  4. Medium= This is a wonderful new addition to writers in general.
  5. Svbtle= From Dustin Curtis gives a slick user experience
  6. Quora= it is a popular question and answer site, but they added blogs in 2012
  7. io= Uses Evernote to tie into a blog option.
  8. Google+=  blog-like content, but it also very visual lately
  9. Facebook Notes= the notes feature is basically a blog platform.
  10. SETT= community focused blogging platform
  11. Ghost= open-sourced blogging platform
  12. Squarespace= is popular with business users.
  13. Typepad= a blogging old-timer.
  14. Posthaven= after the shutdown of Posterous, Posthaven arose owned by Twitter
  15. Linkedin= The top business social networking service for influencers

The 11 Best Link Building and SEO Blogs to Follow From Content Mart 

content mart logo
Content Mart Logo
  1. An American in Miami
  2. Content Marketing: It’s all about targeting. Wiep Knol is a creative link marketing consultant.
  3. WordStream is for driving more tragic to your site.
  4. Vertical Measures helps clients build their own audience then leverage it for revenue growth.
  5. Neuromarketing by Roger Dooley-
  6. We build white hat links for ambitious brands and agencies.
  7. Alliance-Link by Debra Mastaler- Custom Link Building.
  8. Hannah, part of the SEO team at Seer interactive.
  9. is a place to go for SEO content writing and link baiting services.
  10. link building
  11. education on all aspects of link building.

The 10 Best Blogs for Indie Authors Brought to us by Social Media Just For Writers 

You may notice the picture says 15 but we have only included 10 in this list for convenience.

social media just for writers
Social Media Just For Writers
  1. It’s Joel Friedlander’s blog. Great for self-publishers.
  2. Rich content and posts often.
  3. Joanna Penn’s podcast text and blog.
  4. The Writer Unboxed is a number of authors that write including Jane Friedman, Porter Anderson, and many others intended for indie authors.
  5. Anne R. Allen the snarky entertaining writer focused on indie authors.
  6. Bookworks is a group of writers including Joel Friedlander, Penny Sansevieri, Carla King, Helen Sedwick all adding fresh content often.
  7. the alliance of independent authors is a blog delivering information that writers need to succeed.
  8. Writer Sabrina Ricci is behind this well-written blog for indie authors.
  9. The Author Marketing Experts Penny Sansevieri, president of the company and author of the blog designed to inform the indie author.
  10. Live Write Thrive’s Susan Lakin informs us about fiction or the business of writing


We know many great sites have been left off this long series of lists

The best writers blog sites

Each of the lists was put together by the names listed within the titles of each section. We will be happy to consider any changes you wish to make to the lists if you can give us the justification.

If any of these create difficulties for you let us know. We will be happy to add to the lists. However, things such as broken links or services no longer offered should be reported to us.

It will be a great service to your writing community to keep the list in good shape. Just leave a comment below and thank you. Our service was to list this combination of lists in one place.

Our main goal at WritingShortStories is to empower writers to make the living they need to be free to create all they want. We hope this list of lists will help with that goal.

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  1. I appreciate you taking the time to make a list of your favorite creative blog writers! I love reading stories, and I’m so excited to check out some of these blogs!

    1. Thank you, Courtney. It’s a labor of love. Let me know if you find something cool that other writers may want to know about.

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