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Article writing is very much like storytelling. When you tell a story you want your audience to pay attention to you. You hope they love your story. Read on to find out how to put your story into your articles. If you do people will read them.

You write articles because it’s one of the few ways to drive traffic to your website for free. It’s free advertising. Make sure you write them well.

So here’s the first step:

Quick Links:

1. Aesop and How He Did it

2. The Brothers Grimm and lessons

3. Roal Dahl and lessons

4. Virginia Woolf and lessons

5. Breaking Down The Top Ten Short Stories and lessons

6. Writing Great Articles with Short Stories

7. Improve Your Grammar

Free advertising =Free traffic =  No overhead

Step 1 = Who, What, How, Where, Why

These questions should be answered at this point in the process.

Who= Have you determined who your target audience is yet? If not click here. 

It will take you to a quick lesson on finding out who your audience is.

What are my target readers looking for? Find what those people are looking for or find the solution for them. If you struggle with this part check this out.

How can I help them get that with this article? How can you solve their problem? Be of service, research it, then write about it. If this troubles you go here and read this great lesson

Where can they get what they want online? Do the work for them. Make yourself valuable to your reader. Doing research for your reader will teach you more about your niche and that helps you become more of an authority on it.

Why do they need this? Knowing why they need it helps you to understand them better. Knowing gives you the insight to shape your article to them.

Many people think writing great articles begins with coming up with a great title. We should know the answers to these questions before we write a word.

Step 2 – How to Create A Great Title

Once we know the answers then it’s time to generate ideas for article titles and paragraph headlines that can lead to profit for your blog. It can be difficult for some. It’s critical to use keywords in our titles as well as the article body but no more than one to three percent of your words should be keywords or you may be marked as a spam website. Here is an article that was written to help= “Generating ideas for articles and blogs using mind mapping”

I love the creativity she used to work this out. The mind mapping idea has been around for a long while, but I like the way she adapted it to this problem.

Use title analyzers and a keyword app like= Jaaxy keyword tool to help you make the best title for your article. That way you can be sure the title will be SEO ready. Search Engine Optimization is a key task to get your article ranked by Google and other search engines so it shows up on the first page when people type in the keyword. Those words are keywords often because they are what people use the most when searching for a subject. Finally, on titles, you shouldn’t go over 55 characters. Use numbers often on posts and titles. Articles with numbers in them are seen as easy to read or scan through quickly. That’s important these days.

Another method for writing catchy interesting titles is written about by Jeff Goins, a successful writer, and marketer. You can find it here: Catchy headlines

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” 
—David Ogilvy

  •  Use numbers to give concrete takeaways

  • Use emotional objectives to describe your reader’s problem

  • Use unique rationale to demonstrate what the reader will get out of the article

  • Use what, why, how, or when

  • Make an audacious promise

Jeff goes into more detail on his ideas for titles on his site, so go read it if you wish to know more.

Welcome To, Msn Letters, Welcome
Keywords are welcome here

Step 3 = Keywords- What it’s all about

Many of us write articles for internet marketers like me. I am both writer and internet marketer.

There is a good deal of money to be made writing articles for others so it’s a skill worth mastering. I get my guidance from various experts that manage to get their own articles on Googles front page on a regular basis. It makes sense to me that they would be the ones to learn from.
Here is a lesson from one of the most successful article writers I know of. He is and has been a wildly successful article writer and an affiliate marketer for over a decade. Kyle the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate and his article is= Creating Keyword Rich Content

step by step articles writing

Step 4 = Writing Time

So once you have your questions answered and titles and keywords worked out its writing time. One big key early on is to compliment the reader for finding and reading your article. You’ve put time into creating valuable content for them so you are validated in your compliments. Thanking or complimenting people can empower them. And that can keep people reading to the end where you want them.

Focus on solving a problem for the reader and keep it simple. Write out your article as if you were talking to a pal about how to do something. Give that information to your audience as if they were your friends. Some of them will become friends.

Once you have written the full article for your blog, take that same keyword and write a shorter version of that article and post it on and some of the following.

Post articles on places like =,,, or

This leads to links back to your blog

It is very important that each version of this article be unique. The full article you post of your blog and the shorter version you post of sites like You cannot just copy and paste parts of the main article. Duplicated content will only hurt your rank with Google.

Point the links back to your website for the first article but then, when you write the next article for Street Articles, point one of the links to your blog post and the other one to another article you have written.

You will eventually build a web of backlinks by doing this.

Chain, Chain Link, Connection, Related

Would it help to have some free Article Templates?

I’ve placed some templates here from a marketing university because it makes writing articles easier for some. I like them. You can always adapt the article to the template and the other way round if you need to. Don’t think of it as a restrictive guide. Just use them to escort you through the article writing process.
In this section, there are 4 simple templates. These came from a marketing veteran from this article= 4 Easy Article Writing Templates

‘How to’ articles are very popular.  ‘Why articles’ and give visitors to your website a reason to read your content.

  1. Top Ten … Article Template

  2. How to …Article Template

  3. Why … Article Template

  4. Mistakes to Avoid … Writing Template

Writing template

Article Title (including keyword)

A short paragraph introducing the topic and the reasons for the article – 3 – 5 sentences. Your keyword should be in the first paragraph and then not anywhere other than in the title.

Body of Article
10 separate paragraphs dealing with a different point. 2 – 3 sentences.

2 – 3 sentences to finish the article.

Writing Template

Article Title (with a keyword)

3 – 5 sentences introducing the topic and keyword

Supplies/ Resources/Tools
List any supplies, resources or tools needed. If they need to buy anything – suggest an average price and/or where they might buy it from

List the instructions in order

Give any final advice or tips. If appropriate suggest what they might like to try next.

Article Template

Article Title (with a keyword)

3 -5 simple sentences introducing the topic

One paragraph for each individual reason or point. – 3 – 5 sentences

Summarize the main findings. (Don’t repeat each point you have already made)

Article Template

Article Title (including keyword)

Simple introduction introducing the topic and why it’s important to your readers.

Body of Article
3 – 5 paragraphs each covering a single point. 3 – 5 sentences each

Summarize the main points of the article. 3 – 5 sentences

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Formatting your article- Uniformity

After you have written the article and you are satisfied it contains all the necessary items from the previous steps then it’s time to go through and check for organization and formatting.

-Start with breaking up your paragraphs into smaller easier to read sizes. It is best to use 2-3 sentences or less in each paragraph. It is easier to read and that’s what we want. Easy and simple.

-Use headings and subheadings. Google likes them. It tells Google what is in the paragraph below and keeps things organized.

-Use numbered lists and bullets- they’re easy on the eye and fast to scan for the many readers out there now that scan as often as they read. You can pass on the information you want to those scanner readers with proper formatting.

-Make sure that your background is white. Anything else is hard to read. We want it all to be very easy to read.

-If you are using visuals, make sure that they are of good quality, meaning use high-quality pictures. There are tons of them for free out there at places like and many more.

-Link, or embed YouTube videos in your article. Link to the ones that have a lot of views or make one yourself. This will also help you get ranked.

Final Step = SEO

Search Engine Optimization checklist is often the final step for many article writers before they post. I have a 7 point checklist plus a nifty 4 point strategy list I picked up from the live trainer over at Wealthy Affiliate University.

I watched a live demonstration of an article that trainer posted that he had used his 11 item list on and it was on the first page of Google in less than 12 minutes. Now granted he has a blog that is well established and already well trusted by Google and the other search engines but that was still amazing. You can watch that webinar if you wish at this link “21-minute ranking method in 7 steps”

Or by clicking the video picture below.

21 minute ranking video

Here is the list of the items I do on every post to maximize the SEO.

  1. Meta Title

  2. Meta Description

  3. Keyword in Content

  4. Alt tag within an image

  5. Internal links

  6. External links

  7. Video embedded

  8. Post on Google + Use meta title and description and then comment

  9. Fetch as Google if you need to know what that is please put a question in the comments section. I see them every day and will answer you quickly. Request indexing.

  10. Resubmit Sitemap

  11. Request Comments on your post from friends or colleagues.


Writing great articles should do several things. They should inform, engage, offer solutions, and funnel to conversions. They should be written with search engines in mind but have a friendly tone; just like you may talk to a friend or coworker.  This step by step system is just one guide. It works and has been proven to be a productive part of successful websites over and over again.

Use this guide to begin your article writing career if you are just starting. Then make a commitment to keep learning more about article writing because of it’s importance to us and our business.

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