Sometimes I Need Technical Help Writing Short Stories

Sometimes I Need a Little Help Writing Short Stories. Like a Voice Recorder.

I wonder if you are like me and have had what you considered to be a great idea for a story but you were driving, or in a place you can’t write or type, and by the time you get somewhere that you can, that thought is gone. Long gone. That lost thought might have been key to writing short stories that sell or give you what you need to complete one. But What if,,,

You had a voice recorder small enough to hang from your car key chain and it turned on with the flick of a fingertip you could get that thought or idea recorded for later. If that voice recorder was the size of a usb thumb drive, would it be handy? Having it on your keychain helps make it quick to find and use. There are even voice-activated recorders now. Those are more expensive and are sold by security supplies websites.

They are easy to use and safe

I always have a voice recorder with me everywhere I go. Of course, cell phones can record your voice, can’t they? Some even do it well. They do drain my already overworked cell phone battery though. I think it’s a bit dangerous to grab your phone, look for the app, and start recording while driving.

It takes just one finger to slide the button on the thumb drive to start it and then to stop the usb recorder. You never have to take your eyes off the road.

You don’t even have to take the recorder off the keychain. Just let it hang there.

There is enough space to record about 150 hours of your thoughts. The sound quality is good enough to record lectures or other conversations you need to remember.

You can plug this into your usb socket to transfer the files or charge up the recorder.

The first one shown is the best deal overall I think. It has great reviews on Amazon and the price is remarkably affordable. I am always blown away at how the cost of technology has come down so much. Take a look-see here.


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