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Kate Wilhelm Science Fiction Writer, Dies at 89 reports the New York Times on March 16, 2018

Kate Wilhelm is known for her many science fiction stories, but she was also a mystery writer. She died on March 8th at 89.

That’s a long life for anyone but I’m sure she will still be missed.

Something unique to note about Kate is that she was one of the few women who wrote sci-fi that did so under their own name in the 60’s. Mrs. Wilhelm brought people to the sci-fi genre that normally wouldn’t have been there because she used the story form to let us see how science and the advances from it may affect people.

Her book list includes: For the Defense. Clear and Convincing Proof, Her short stories included:  Christ’s tears, An Imperfect Gift, His Deadliest Enemy.

Kate Wilhelm gave back to the writing community and went well beyond the call of duty with her and her late husband’s ‘Clarion Writers’ Workshops that lasted 27 years.


How do you feel about graphic novels?

Can they be talked about in the same loving way we do short stories? I’d like to think they can be.

If you don’t mind me going off in that direction I’ll mention: Superman: President Luthor because skimming through a review of the story makes me feel like it mirrors our current political climate a little too much.

Greg Rucka and Jeph Loeb wrote most of the stories in this collection. It isn’t listed officially as a collection of short stories, but it seems to be ab appropriate way to define it.

Just the early mention of Luthor running for President ‘oh a whim’ reminds me of our current Predisent.

I have no intention of adding politics to this blog, but I thought it interesting to see such a fast and loose comparison thrown at us so soon in the new administration.





There is a nice quote from author Helen McClory that says: “The internet can be a bit strange but I think that writing is even weirder.” I couldn’t agree more. I live it and it is normal to me but when I look at the way I live it does seem very weird.

If you ever feel that you simply can’t think of something to write about but you’re ready to I’d like to point you to an author who chose to write short fiction collection about her own neighborhood.

Author Sharon Dilworth has lived in Pittsburgh for over 25 years and became very interested in understanding the collection of neighborhoods around her.

She used that curiosity to write nine short stories she calls: Two Sides, Three Rivers. So when inspiration seems to abandon you as is does for me at times look around at your own community for a prompt.

Where do you look for inspiration?


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