Need money? Need more time to write? Here is the Answer.

Helping writers writeNeed money? Need to have more time to write? Need a second income to allow for your writing? Here is the answer.

  • To supplement our income as writers. Would it help if you could work 15 hours a week and pull in $2000 a month?

  • Maybe it would take 4000 or more. You can learn how to do just that and more. This is a real system used by thousands to make their living and often their fortunes. Guess what? They teach it all at Wealthy Affiliates. You can go and learn the basics for free. Then decide how you want to handle that amazing opportunity.
  • To allow a writer to retire from traditional work allowing you more time to write. It’s a lifelong dream for many of my writer friends. Write all day if I want? Sign me up. Here’s a little more information on the program.
  • You will be primarily writing for this income if you choose. Just like I am in this article. There are as many choices of blogs to write about that can be used to make money as there are people. I can show you how to make money writing.

Conclusion= The method taught at Wealthy Affiliate to marketing through writing a blog is a way for short story writers and authors of all types to make real money to fund our writing. Write a few articles about something you already love. It’s not selling soap, it’s selling what you have a passion for.

Join us to do it part time and you can supplement your traditional career and that may work for you. If you go full time you could quit your traditional job and write full time if you wish. The bottom line is WA teaches us how to use our writing skills to make money by writing.

They have made it easier than I could have ever imagined. Step by step instructions and help all along the way. Perhaps the biggest reason I tried this program is that you get to begin for free.

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24 thoughts on “Need money? Need more time to write? Here is the Answer.

  1. Thank you for reviewing Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve been wondering about that program. You said step-by-step, is it easy to understand? I love writing but I’m not so good with programming computers.

    1. I can’t program computers either. You really don’t need to know any of that to do well with affiliate marketing. They teach you everything at Wealthy Affiliate. It really is step by step. As with all things a question may come up as you’re learning, but the answers are there and usually someone has already asked it so the answer is easy to find. It is for total beginners and seasoned internet pros. We can all learn something from them.
      The community is always there to support every member. It really is an amazing place. Thank you for the engaging comment.

  2. Thanks for this. A very informative insight to Wealthy Affiliate. I find it a very informative program with lots of opportunities for people of all ages and all educational standards. The step by step instructions make sure anybody can succeed.

    1. You’re welcome and thank you for coming to my site. I love Wealthy Affiliate for it’s simplicity and community support. Step by step is what i needed also.

  3. It is all possible to make money using the wealthy affiliate platform, it just takes time and a bit of effort. All the tools are there and the information how to use them. I have been with them for a year and i find that you need 2 main ingredients, patience and perseverance.

    1. Thanks Andrew, that helps to hear that. I have found the same thing as i read all the success stories on Wealthy Affiliate. They say to stick to the course and follow the steps. thanks for the input. For those of you reading the comments you can find out more here.

  4. Wow! This article is amazing. I have been a writer since a child and always dreamed of getting paid for it. I didn’t realize how easy this was to do. I see the links you provided are very informative as well as the information you presented. This is somethingI will definitely follow up on!!!

    1. Thank you Michael. Happy to meet another writer. What do you look for in a blog for writers? I hope you do follow up on it and write your masterpiece.

  5. This really is a great place to be. I have tried for years to make money from home and most people want loads of cash before giving advice. I don’t know how good all those sites were because I wouldn’t pay them. Wealthy Affiliates let me join for free and gives me free training, lots of advice and help, and all the people are online and saying how good it is. Brilliant!

    1. It is a good thing you didn’t pay them. I went through many of those companies and gave them my money for nothing. So many promises and they play on your emotions. Your website sounds interesting. I’ll go look at it in a moment.
      Wealthy Affiliates training is amazing. The thing is all those long time members offering free training also. It’s a great place to build a business.

  6. Hi Nafasia,
    Thank you so much for putting this all so well. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to learn with Wealthy Affiliate and then be able to write about things that interest you.
    The training is truly amazing.

    1. Thank you Jill. It is a wonderful place. Yes, you see I’m integrating WA with my writing blog to see how that works and give other authors ideas to make money so they can write all they want.

  7. I use wealthy affiliate to create my passion into a reality. The knowledge and community at your disposal is immeasurable.

    I’ve already made a small but passive income for writing and it just keeps growing!

    Thanks for the great article:)

    1. Thanks Jeremy. I love seeing success stories. The community is their biggest asset i think. Or maybe the mind that came up with a way to make this community possible.
      I’m so glad you are making it work. So now its just oneward and upward for you right?

  8. I have been toying with the idea about joining Wealthy Affiliate. Your article has given me peace of mind about the legitimacy of WA. Thank you for sharing.

    1. You won’t regret it. Look me up when you get in. I wrote the Google Monster post, you might run into it. Good luck with all you do. If you have questions feel free to ask me or anyone of the veterans on the platform. they are all very helpful.

  9. Hey Paul. Thanks for this, always good to hear others having good experience with Wealthy Affiliate, it keeps you going.
    As for me, I see my traffic growing little by little, but still haven’t made any money yet. I guess it’s just a matter of time.

    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Ben. Glad to hear you’re getting traffic. Soon it will begin to produce money for you. Blogging has turned out to be much more fun than I remembered from my last go at it. It is because of the WA support.

  10. Hi Nafasia, this was a really good post and I’m very happy you’re promoting wealthy affiliate as they are the number one platform to learn and make money from. I have been with them now for a while.



    1. Thank you Habib. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your membership at WA. I am as well. It’s been a life changer for me. You can read about it here.
      Just a blog post about the wonders of WA.

  11. Great review about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an awesome program to help you build your business. I can recommend it to everyone…:)

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