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Paul Huggins is my name. Glad to meet you. What’s your story?

I am an old student of life. Sixty-one years so far I have risen out of bed to see what wonders this life will bring for me to have fun with and often screw up. I can be a bit silly, goofy in fact and I love it.

I set tile for over twenty years off and on while the kids grew up. Knee busting and backbreaking work. It paid the bills but it is a hard life.

Welcome to my site about SToryTelling and Storytellers

I will be celebrating the many great storytellers that have left us so many gifts and how they did it. I will be learning right along with you if you choose to be part of the “Great StoryTellers” series on this blog. The unique skills those masters developed will be revealed here. Along with how to develop them yourself.

I will also review products that report being helpful to writers. Not only that, but I’ll look at some of the many things you are all looking at yourselves. Making money with our writing. it’s a wild west out there on this great internet.

I’m married to the lady who knew my song. My best friend. The only one I have ever known that I could be my silly self around. We both often act like five-year-olds.

I write fantasy stories mostly. I have written over 800 short stories and four novels that all vary a bit but are mainly fantasy with some difficult life issues thrown in. Some of these stories should probably be published maybe we can convince each other to do it. Make the leap. I have published a few now using a pen name on Medium and another writer’s community website for a weekly thing they do. Essentially I am a storyteller. That is one of the reasons I haven’t concerned myself with publishing too much.

I started this website for a couple of reasons one is to help others. I also want to pass on any wisdom I picked up about storytelling along the way. I would also love to help writers out there who don’t have the time to write as much as they wish.  I believe storytellers make the best writers so learning that skill could help make you become the best writer you can.

I am a big Steven King fan. Not of his books, of his writing style. I should say I do like the Dark Tower series. I’m just not into horror. I do want to find his short stories to read. I hear he is a fan of the short story.

There are a ton of you out there that can really tell a great story and could produce some wonderful books if you had the time.

It comes down to money for most of us. I am doing this because I have suffered from the same maladies.

I want to reach you and help because you need more time to write.  Maybe you’re stuck in a lousy job you hate because of bills and life getting in the way. Or a career you would like to leave and follow your dreams. Your honest self.

I’m here for you, the writer- who if you had a good income source outside of your career would gain the freedom to write your masterpiece.

I want you all to make tons of money so you can write

If everyone that came here ended up publishing the stories they have finished and maybe even made some money from the stories I would be more than a happy writer.

The biggest thrill I could get from this blog is to find out I pointed someone in the right direction and they gained the financial resources allowing them to write full time or found their own niche in the storytelling world.

I’m studying a program at the moment that might be the answer. As soon as I feel confident it is the right program I will write a review for you and we can all share in the solution.

**Edit: Update= I have been using this program I mentioned above for 5 months now and I believe in it. It has taught me how to do content marketing. It has begun to produce income based purely on what I write. Some refer to it as article marketing. I write about what I want to which is storytelling or writing and people read it and the ads fund my work. Very simple. I don’t have to do any selling or calling anyone. I don’t have to do book signings or hassle with a publisher.

I just write articles. I make videos for lessons, and artwork to make the articles look pretty. That is all very fun to me. I can teach you how to do the same thing. This program is free to start and I’ll help you every step of the way. Sign up here for your free account.

We can work as a team helping each other as writers on a mission to write full time and to write to our potential.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions related to writing, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help out. If I don’t know the answer (and I don’t often) I will seek out someone who does.

All the best, Paul

Here is something to get you started. Great writer’s sites.


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  1. Hi Paul. This is such an interesting site. I love the color scheme, layout, and the way you introduce yourself. I’m amazed at the kinds of niches out there. I didn’t know storytelling was an actual niche. Congratulations on your site.

    1. Thank you Shalisha. I think storytelling is the most important skill in life we can master. People all respond to a good storyteller. Even when they are politicians. Haha, couldn’t resist that one. I’m looking forward to reading your site. One the way there now.

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