How to use Pinterest to Drive Traffic To Your Blog

How to get more traffic to your website for free

Set up a business account with Pinterest. It is free for now so take advantage while you still can.

Next, begin making boards and title them with things you are interested in. It should be related to your blog niche when you can. Make several boards. Fill those boards up with at least 9 pins before you move on to the next board.

You can repin relevant pins of others to that new board to get it full, to begin with. That will save you tons of time.


Now once you have a good 40 or more boards with at least 9 pins in each one begin searching for group boards you can join. it is the most important part of Pinterest marketing. You must get on group boards because you borrow their viewers that way and many of the boards get millions of viewers.

All you do to find group boards you can join is type in group boards in the search line and go to them. Read the description at the top and if they are accepting new collaborators they will have the method in that description. Usually, it involves sending a polite email to the group owner and following them on Pinterest and sometimes they want you to join their Facebook group etc.

Follow the rules on those group boards so you can stay on them. Keep finding group boards and request to join them until you feel you have all you can manage.

Make sure you follow back people that follow you unless they have a board with content you don’t want to be associated with your boards.

Next- Tailwind For Pinterest

Get Tailwind for Pinterest and set it up. You can have a free account or one that is very reasonable that gives you more abilities. Tailwind is the second most important thing about Pinterest marketing.

Tailwind will pin your pins for you at the schedule you set. its very customizable and there are more options coming.

Tailwind has an option to make lists of your boards into a larger group just for the tailwind pin scheduling. You can group all the similar boards including your group boards into this larger Tailwind list and one pin can go out to all of those with one click. You can make several lists with any number of boards in them.

My tailwind scheduler sends out about 90 pins a day for me. I can’t imagine how long that would take if I had to do each one individually.

You can fill your boards with pins of others if you wish until you feel comfortable making your own. You can also begin making them free right away using Canva. It’s so easy to use. it has saved me so much time.

Canva for making pins fast and great

Canva is intuitive to learn and has all the options I need. I make all my blog graphics with it along with all my pins. You upload your graphic or picture or use one of theirs then click to put a text style in the pin and type it out. Use some background colors if you want.

Develop a style of pin that works well with your blog so it helps with branding. People will begin to recognize your pins easily.

Download the browser ext. Pinterest Save Button

The save button will allow you to save graphics or banner ads or almost anything directly to your Pinterest profile. Or you can download that graphic and upload it to Canva and make a nice pin before you pin it.

Now You Can’t Sit Back and Relax Yet

Pinterest has analytics for free you need to watch. It will tell you things like how many of your pins have been clicked that take them to your blog. It will tell you which pins are the most popular so you can make more of that same design or theme.

Then once you have your Google analytics set up you can watch to see where your traffic is coming from. It breaks it down by ‘organic’  or ‘social’ and a few more, but you are concerned with the first two for now.

Quality articles gain you the organic traffic. That means they came to your site from a search and clicked on your blog.

If you only have Pinterest sending you traffic then you know that is the origin of the ‘social’ category.

Ok So Let’s Recap

  1. Open business account with Pinterest
  2. Make boards and fill them by repinning other’s pins
  3. Collaborate= join group boards to boost your traffic immensely
  4. Get Tailwind and schedule your pins in groups
  5. Get Canva to make great pins fast
  6. Download browser extension ‘save button’ for easy pinning.
  7. Keep an eye on the numbers to see what pins work the best and when they should be pinned, etc. Adjust as needed.

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