My Hero- Gal Gadot Wonder Woman- More than Her Legs


She just 33, beautiful and quite a talent.

Gal Gadot is so much more than just legs. One of the top searches on Google for Mrs. Gadot is Gal Gadot legs. One of those top searches will take you to Reddit where she has been displayed with little to no comments about who she is. She is a badass in so many areas of life that I felt the need to fill in whoever hasn’t found out about this wonderful human.

Yes, she is beautiful, there is no doubt. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that’s all she’s about.

She is the first real athlete to make a movie as a female action star that I can remember. What I mean by a real athlete is that when you see her move, she moves with the correct athletic mechanics, the physicality. I hope you know what I mean.

Most people, many men included, when they do a fight scene and they throw a punch it is not believable. It’s because the movements are not the right mechanics for that punch. Only someone who is an athlete or fully understands the physicality of sports can do it right.

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Gal Gadot on writing short stories

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An Example of This Issue Can Be Lifting

In a scene where the actor lifts someone or something heavy. LIke when Thor picks up his hammer. You can see the effort in the actor’s movements. It is believable and that’s all we ask for from an actor. Help us believe in your abilities with good, athletic, and proper moves for the action.

when you are lifting something like another human being in a scene there is a certain position your legs and back should be in to sell the move. It doesn’t matter that that actor isn’t really lifting anyone. What matters is that we believe the move enough to keep watching.

We all know we have to suspend our disbelief in action movies but we shouldn’t have to do that for every movement or stunt. It’s too much to ask an audience and they tune out. I know I do.

When you throw a punch you must move your body in a certain pattern. You don’t just throw your fist at the target. Make it believable. Gal does. Her action scenes in Wonder Woman were the best I have ever seen from a female actor. She is my hero.

I Love Her Personality in the Movie

I believe you must have some of that personality in you to be able to play a part like that. Gal Gadot is the leader I would follow into battle anytime anywhere.

She has that superhero persona. She is the person I would follow into battle just because of her personality in the movie.

I have no idea what she is like in real life, but that simply doesn’t matter. She is an actor and she is wonderful at playing Wonder Woman, simply the best ever.Related image

Her physical playfulness and ability to be amazed and enchanted was delightful. But alas she is already married.

She also stands for equality. She made comments on Twitter about equal pay for actresses and was attacked for it. It always amazes me how this issue causes so many ruffled feathers. Here is her Tweet


She served two years in the Israeli Defense Forces

In the service for her country as a combat instructor helped her prepare for the acting roles, she has done so far. I am not surprised at her role in that service. She simply understands the moves.

Three-month boot camp. She was assigned as a combat trainer but more accurately she taught gymnastics and calisthenics, helping to get those soldiers fit.

She was Miss Israel but when she went to the Miss Universe pageant she realized she hated the whole process and sabotaged her chances of winning by being late, not wearing makeup and answering the judges questions with comments like   “I don’t understand the question.”

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