Love to Write?

do you love to wrtie

I do. I love daydreaming about weird things and then sitting down to write a story. What is your favorite genre and how do you like to get your ideas? ‘How to write a story’ guides and ideas are all over the internet.

How do you do it?

I use everything I can for prompts. There are tons of resources online. Just type ‘prompt’ in any search engine. Or ‘story ideas’ works also. Tumblr even has tons of blogs that post new prompts often.

writing short stories

My biggest goal for this blog is to help other writers and learn to be the best writer I can be. One way I want to help others is to help find ways to free them from financial worries. Money. So many up and coming talented writers want to just write, not market or sell themselves.

Or they are stuck at jobs that of course keep them from writing, or painting, or any creative endeavor.

I’m studying a program now that may solve that problem for all of us. If you want to study it as well, here is some more information. 

Don’t worry, it is just another page on my blog with more detail. I’m used to those sales pages promising big bucks for breathing. This is not anything like that. I won’t have a thing to do with any of that.

Anyway, just a quick intro and let you know a little about what I like and my goals. Get back to writing now.

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