Learn How to Sell Your Books Fast With Pinterest

What is the value of using Pinterest as an author?

Free advertising. How do we beat that? Can you put a price on building your reader base?

Lorna Sixsmith from www.writeontrack.ie has given us a valuable and well-written article about the things writers can do with Pinterest. She didn’t just tell us what, she showed us how. Read her article, you will learn how to sell your books on Pinterest.

We can sell our work on Pinterest. I believe her. I’m promoting some of my newly published shorts from medium.com. It doesn’t take long to learn how to do this.

What can you do on Pinterest as an author?

Promoting your book for free is very attractive to me. I’m not a new writer, but I am new to publishing my work so there is no marketing budget.

I love using Pinterest for this. The timing of Pinterest becoming such a phenomenon is great for us. Let’s take full advantage of this amazing opportunity to sell our work. You can use a free tool called Canva (there may be others) to upload a picture of your book and put the link in that picture where it can be purchased.

After you have developed a following on Pinterest the power of the pin will become evident.

You put things on your business account, which is free by the way on Pinterest, that your readers will want to see. You’ll gain new readers to market to as well. You can use Pinterest as a writing prompt of sorts. Peruse the boards relevant to your preferred genre and you may gain the inspiration you seek.

Some writers love to tease their fans, so tease them with snippets of your story in the description section of the pin you post to Pinterest.

Show your Pinterest fans who you are on your profile

Show them the books you like to read. Not just what you have to sell. Form reading group boards to see what they like to read also. Never hurts to know your audience. Even when you don’t have a book to promote you should spend a little time posting relevant content on your Pinterest account to keep your followers interested.

Yes Ok, but is it time-consuming? I need to write.

With tools like Canva mentioned above to make the pins and a utility app called “Tailwind

Tailwind will pin them for you on the schedule you tell it to. You don’t have to spend more than a few moments a day to manage your Pinterest marketing with these tools.

Here is a short video explaining how Pinterest works to sell things. For a more detailed understanding of Pinterest with full explanations of the pins go see this video.

2 thoughts on “Learn How to Sell Your Books Fast With Pinterest

  1. My mother has got a children’s book that she published and is trying to sell printed copies. I will tell her about Pinterest and also the tools of Canva and Tailwind that sound good. A useful video that you have included on here.

    1. Thank you Eden, I hope your mother does well with her book. Pinterest is on the way up. I’ve gotten so used to Canva and tailwind now I am all set for the next several days of pins and auto pinning.

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