How to write a Great story

How Many Stories Do You Have Saved Up?

You probably have written a few stories if you are reading this article. Do you feel good about them?

Have you submitted any of them? Have you fully edited them?

I have a confession to make: I have hundreds of stories that are in various stages of editing and I have only ever submitted three short stories. They were all well received but only one was published.


I’m studying these guides online to see how I can break through my laziness and do the rewrites and general editing. I do want to fill the holes and finish them. I’m trying.

I open up one most days and piddle with it. I am easily distracted by all the fuss over making a living online these days.

Wouldn’t it Be Cool If We Could Make a Living Online?

I know, I’m getting sidetracked again but what if we could make a living online using our writing? Getting to write about our favorite things seems to be what they all say to do. Find your niche they say. That sounds like we get to write about what we want to. Our passion.

For me, it is the short story. I have written three novel-length stories and two novellas. But I have a treasure trove of 700 plus short stories.

Do you begin with a title, or maybe the basic plot?

I have a few ways I begin a story, but generally, I begin with the main character and think of either a scene to put them in or an adventure to send them on. I am currently working on a story about a teenage boy who washes up on an island populated by 4000 amazon women who have never seen a male. You know the story about that darn island surely.

Zeus put an invisible barrier around it so the island would never be discovered. But here is this boy. How did he get there? Will the Amazon women kill him as Zeus ordered? It would be a short story for sure if they did.

He is discovered by an Amazon Warrior Princess of course. She hides him from the Amazons. Sound like a story you might want to read?

One of my big reasons for loving the short story is that I get to find out what happens much quicker. I think my stories move fast through action and dialogue. I waste little time with background details or character history. I put in just what the story has to have. The rest of those details are left to the imaginations of the reader.

Some strong ideas on how to write a great story

This comes from our friendly writers at The Write Practice: The page gives detailed follow up on each of these guidelines. Go there to read it and save my fingers. Let me know if you agree with all of them or is there one or more you don’t agree with? Please leave a comment at the end of this article so we can talk about it.

  1. Write in one sitting
  2. Develop your protagonist
  3. Create suspense and drama
  4. Show don’t tell
  5. Write good dialogue
  6. Write about death
  7. Edit like a pro
  8. Know the rules, then break them
  9. Defeat writer’s block
  10. Share your work

Conclusion: How To Write A Great Story

The write practice website has quite a lot of resources for writers along with this 10 step process for writing a story. You can also use your own style if it suits you. If you are happy with the results then I say continue with it. If you are struggling with the results with your method then give these ten a try and look for more guidance online. The resources for writers is amazing and unending.
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2 thoughts on “How to write a Great story

  1. I love your honest approach when you explain, a good tip might be adding a little extra persona to it.
    Allowing yourself branding along with your site, after all, it’s you who does the short stories mate. 🙂

    Overall, it’s easy to read and I enjoyed it. Happy writing!

    1. Thank you very much, Kevin, for the kind words and suggestions. Although I have been writing for years, I have no idea how to brand. So, I am not sure quite what you mean by ‘allowing’ branding. Any tips or points in the right direction would be awesome. Once again thanks.

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