How to make money online The Basics

Writers, have you asked: What is the easiest way to make money online?

Well, the simplest and least expensive way to make good money online is with affiliate marketing. It is often the most profitable also.

Let me break it down to its basics for you. So many different companies are selling their own ‘unique’ programs to make money online that I think it gets confusing for many. It doesn’t have to be that way.

bad salesman
Two Faced Salesman

There are proven ways to do this. Ways that people are making money right now that you can do yourself without spending money on advertising or having inventory. You can do it without spending a dime. Yes, you really can.

At its core- the best method now proven to make money online breaks down to four simple concepts:

1. Customer searches for product or review

Teddy bear

2. You have a free website with the review they’re looking forreview in certificate form3. Customer buys the product because of your fabulous –

4. You make money, a commission, when they buy

bag of gold
Bag of Gold

The money you get is a percentage of the item. A commission. It doesn’t make the item more expensive. Selling this way is actually cheaper in most cases for the merchant because they didn’t have to pay for advertising to sell that item.

You can see now what your job will be in that system. You write fair and honest reviews of products you care about. It’s called niche marketing because you focus on an area or category that you personally love. So writing about that niche will not be hard to do.

Let’s say you love golf. You write articles about golf tournaments, golf equipment, players, or the history of golf and you include links to golf products within the articles.

woman playing golf
Playing golf

Those links can either take them right to the merchant to buy the item or you can send them to another of your pages where you have written a full review of that product to help the customer decide before buying.

You get to write about golf and make money doing it. What could be better than that? A business based on your passion. You don’t even have to write the reviews or articles if you don’t want to. You can hire someone to do it. They are often called ‘virtual assistants’ now. Or freelancers and you can get the writing done reasonably. If you want to do it on a zero dollar budget then you need to do the writing.

You don’t need to be considered a writer to do this work. If you have a passion for something then you can talk about it to your friends, right? Well, you can write out the articles just like you were talking to your buddies. Casual conversational writing.

If you’re worried about typos or grammar issues there are apps now that will point them out and give ideas to fix them. It’s truly a wonderful modern world we live in. Enjoy your part of it. Take advantage of the technology to improve your life.

There is a short video made by the co-owner of the best company I’ve found that teaches this online money making method that I want you to watch. It’s right here.

There is a short video I want to show you that you can find right ↓  Kyle's video on the basicsScroll down to the video about halfway down. In the video, the co-owner Kyle of the company that teaches a simple system to get up and making money in affiliate marketing tells you about how simple it is. They teach you at your own pace. It is a simple, honest, step by step process that hundreds of thousands of others use to make their living online right now. They are not special individuals. They are just like you except they have already taken action and are reaping the rewards. You can too. Watch it now.

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