How to Finally Write Your First Book Right Now!


So, Ultimately, Based on Advice from author Steven King I just began writing one day a few years ago and I haven’t stopped.

His advice? In his book On Writing, he said just sit down and write, type, or tell your story. Don’t stop to edit or research, just tell the story to the end then go back and do all the editing you want. 

*By the way, I don’t receive any commission if you buy the book. It’s just a link to get it on Amazon to make it easier for you.

In my stories, I write about my fantasies and I also write about some childhood memories and found ways to make some traumatic events come out better in the stories.

Some are ridiculous, such as stories where my childhood incest experiences became ok, even legal, in the fantasy world I created. What do you guys think of that? Is it ok to write about incest in a somewhat positive light?

It helped me in my opinion. It changed the way I look at incest. I was not able to watch any movies or TV that showed any abuse or dangerous situations with kids before I wrote these stories. Now I can, not all of them, but some.

I still avoid certain storylines, but, the point is writing can be therapeutic. So write your stories. Just have fun and if you don’t like to type much tell your story to your computer and let it record you. There are apps out there that will convert your words into typed documents that you can edit. I plan on using that technique for my next story because I think it might produce better stories. At least that is the hope.

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