How to Convince a Writer to Use Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

First- What is a keyword outside of the literary world?

Although there is not a large practical or actual difference there is enough to define it. A keyword in the marketing world is a word or phrase of pronounced insinuation or relevance to a niche or subject. It is the word or words someone puts in the search line when they want to find a website about a subject.

It’s an informative word used in a search engine like Jaaxy keyword research tool to define what’s in a document, book, or movie etc.

Why Does a Writer Need a Keyword?

Understanding what a keyword does is seriously important for your writing. It can convince you to change a couple of the words in your work in order for your work to show up on searches. How many people buy books from the 10th page of a google search?

When book reviewers write about your book they will use keywords from your work to post it. If you haven’t researched the best keywords for your work then you are at the mercy of those in the publication and marketing of your book, in other words- they aren’t likely to fix that problem.

Why Does a Writer Need Jaaxy Keyword Tool?

Bottom line: using Jaaxy will save you time so you can write more on your projects. Even a writer who fully understands what a keyword is and how to use them needs to research the word to make sure it is the best fit for your project. Manual searches are slow and it is not a straightforward process like Jaaxy is.

If you want your work to show up on the first page of the google search or any search engine for the category you want, then the titles and or headlines you use in your work must be well-formed using researched keywords.  Keyword tools save you the time of doing manual searches for your work. There are tools that are excellent at this research, but, what is the best keyword research tool?


Why Use Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is easy to use and very affordable and can be free with a membership to Wealthy Affiliate. A marketing school that teaches online money making.

Jaaxy has several valuable uses besides just keyword search. Such as:

Site Ranking= just enter a domain and keyword and you will get the ranking results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo in a few seconds.

Keeps keyword lists for you= it’s as easy as checking a box to make your own lists of keywords to refer back to when you need them to write articles or develop a new campaign.

The Interface is Simple and Easy to Read. Along the Top You Find:

  • Average number of searches that keyword is searched per month
  • the traffic you  may get if you make it to the front page of Google with that keyword
  • The QSR which is quoted search results or number of competing websites using that keyword
  • KQI= Key quality index which is done with color coding=red means it’s not worth the trouble- yellow is medium- green is great worth so go for it.
  • SEO– Search engine optimization, high ranking scores greater than 100 have a ranking on 1st page
  • Domains– related keywords to your keyword input
  • Brainstorm– quick link to brainstorm feature

Alphabet Soup searching= is a way to uncover millions of niches and keywords.

Brainstorm HQ= Find trending, popular, and lucrative ideas.

Affiliate Programs= search and find relevant affiliate programs in your niche.

Niche keywords lists= exclusive to WA premium members, Niche keyword lists.

Clean and easy interface= makes using Jaaxy easy for both beginners and pros. There are different plans available such as a free account all the way up to the enterprise account that has tools power users like.

Jaazy Keyword Research and Management

All you do is grab your affiliate link from the Jaaxy page and post it in your preferred advertising vehicle. Social media, traffic exchanges, paid ads, or whatever method you use and Jaaxy handles the sale and you get commissions.

So now you know what a keyword is and

What you as a writer need it for plus

You know how Jaaxy is the right choice for your search for keywords.

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