How do you prepare to write?

I know many writers who make and insist on sticking to their schedule and write at the same time. I’m not one of those. I meander. Not being ready to write keeps me from engaging. I just can’t draw the pen back, so to speak. Having so many interests saves me from those moments and keeps me busy researching and then when the time is right then its writing time.

There is a mood attained that puts me in a creative flow. Some people can do it with music. Others will have a little wine or other favorite drink.

When I feel that mood hit I just begin writing. I don’t really care what comes out in the beginning. The story always straitens itself out and heads to something interesting.

I often wonder what other authors are thinking while they write. I mean in the back of their minds, not the front in the middle of their story’s machinery. It’s hard for me to stay out of the story as I write it. What I mean by that is I live my stories. I’m there. In one of the main characters, usually the main protagonist or narrator.

Do you do that? I’d really like to know. Leave me a comment and I will answer you.

So my suggestion to you is to find what works best for you. If you are a meanderer then do that. Don’t let someone else’s plan hold you down. These plans don’t work for everyone. You may admire the author who recommended the writing method and plan but if you want to finish your stories then consider changing something.

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