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1. Aesop and How He Did it

2. The Brothers Grimm and lessons

3. Roal Dahl and lessons

4. Virginia Woolf and lessons

5. Breaking Down The Top Ten Short Stories and lessons

6. Writing Great Articles with Short Stories

7. Improve Your Grammar

Grammarly is an instant grammar checker

I use it for everything I write. They have an extension for your browser. Well, they do for Chrome, I can’t say if they do for all browsers.

Who would turn down an accurate free online grammar and spell checker? It’s like have an editor standing over your shoulder correcting everything you type as you type it. Well on second thought maybe that’s not the best analogy. I always hated my father standing over me correcting everything I wrote.

This is like having the benefit of the always correct father standing over you without the annoying father actually being there. Does that make any sense? See- my dad still messes with my mind, and I’m 61 years old.

Free online grammar check. Grammarly has a free service as well as a premium service as well. You can take a look right here: Grammarly Premium.

Grammarly is a free online spell checker

If you wish you can stay on the free plan. Some writers don’t have the budget for paid utilities so this comes in handy for those like me. I keep my expenses to the minimum.pretty book

Grammarly does this all much better than any of the other checkers I have used.

The Microsoft Word grammar and spell checker has a value, but it makes too many mistakes and misses too much for a writer to count on. If you are producing articles or books for sale you can’t afford bad grammar. It just won’t fly.

Wait, there’s more! Grammarly is also a plagiarism checker. There are premium services also with definite advantages. Here is a quick rundown from the Grammarly site.

Experience the Full Power of Grammarly

Upgrade to Premium- Our users report 2× more corrections made with Grammarly Premium.

OTHER PREMIUM PERKS: Style, vocabulary, and conciseness checks fine-tune your writing, so you can devote your energy to other things. Make your case effectively with word choice feedback and vocabulary enhancements. Access your Premium checks anywhere you write, including your mobile device.

Works almost everywhere you write

Conclusion:college essay checker

When something is accurate, offers most of what you need for free and is easy to use, well, then it becomes one of the no-brainers in your business. Give it a try.

Guess what else it can help with? College Essays. Still working your way through school? This will help.


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