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My Two Favorite Hobbies Are Writing Short Stories and Making Money.

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Blog for writers

If you came here because of an ad for money making ideas your in the right place, keep reading.

If you came here because you are frustrated and broke you are in the right place. Or if you need more spare time to play, or veg this is the right place for you.

You can make a great living online by making your own blog. I can show you how. These steps to making a profitable blog aren’t difficult. Anyone can do it. Really, anyone. One of the best things about all this is that it is fun.

It is so much better waking up every day smiling about the ‘work’ I get to do. I was a tile setter for well over 20 years while my kids grew up. Back-breaking knee destroying work let me tell you. I’ve always loved writing and now I run a money making blog about writing. I love my life.

Writing articles about writing short stories along with articles designed to help writers make money are two things I have a passion for. It’s my niche. There is a simple step by step process I’ve outlined below on how you can discover your own niche plus what to do with that knowledge to make money online.

The idea is to free yourself! It can give you the time you need to create. To write all you want.

This step by step process is a full review of this very popular way to make money online. It has been and will continue to be updated as each stage of training is completed and any new programs or ideas are tested.

I believe the first step in this process of making money requires some soul-searching. Take a look at this post about having the right frame of mind about this adventure.

I want you to know about a review that was done by one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate; the company behind this training platform I’m writing about. Kyle is his name and he wrote an interesting review of his own company you should take a look at. Here it is.

To follow along with me you can access some of these training sections I’ve linked below. To get to some of them you will want to open up a free account to be able to read them. Don’t worry you don’t need a credit card for this account. You can do that right here.

Your first decision is what will you present to the world? What is the one thing you have a passion for that will stay with you? What is the one thing you will stay interested in for the long term?

Step by step niche decision:

several doors to choose from
Which door will bring me success?

-Your niche is more than just what will you write about. It will be the main theme of all your work online. So choose the niche with those things in mind.

What is the one thing you can always think of something to write about? What is the subject you have a passion for? You can use Jaaxy keyword tool to help you find your niche.

A quick definition of niche marketing could be described as “Anything that pertains to a specific area of the population with a specific interest. Let us say you are into drinking beer but only the craft beer segment of the beer market. That craft beer segment is a niche because it is a subset of the wider beer consumption market.” A quote from a member of the training site-Robert aka Boomergp08. If you want a full description of exactly what a niche is and how it relates to making money online go here.

Step by step: Build Your Own Niche Website

under construction
Blog under construction- caution

This lesson, taught by Kyle, one of the co-founders of the money making program, is an easy to follow step by step lesson and you will have a site up and running in just a few minutes. Things are so different now. Just like many things out there building website is mostly point and click now.

There are a few things to watch for and make sure you do right and Kyle is great at explaining those things in general English terms so non-marketing professionals like us can understand. If you go make a free account right now, I’ll make you a promise: I will personally help you go through each stage of the program with personal access to me. The stages you will be learning I will have recently gone through them myself so they will still be fresh in my mind and will make it easier for me to help you.

Step by step: Choosing Your-domain name.

This decision is not that important in the beginning. You can use a temporary domain name with Site Rubix on free websites you can build up and then once you have found the domain name you want and get it then you can transfer your whole site over to the new domain. It’s a very easy process that will be taught to you step by step right here:

Step by step: content creation by designing effective articles.

For this subject, we begin with basic article writing, but we’ll learn article writing techniques from now on. In fact, learning to write articles is something you can always improve on. It’s no different than your creative writing. Hopefully, we all get better at both as we practice.

I have completed the in-depth step by step article writing guide now. It is available for free by clicking here.

Step by step to writing effective comments on articles.

blog management screenshot
Blog management

One of the very important tools we have as bloggers early on in the life of our blogs is comments. The problem is, in the beginning, we don’t know how to make a comment that is effective. We tend to say things like: “Nice post, I liked the way you said xxx.”

But if you go and learn why comments on your blog are so important you can also look up how to do it properly. I gave you the link above. That post you will see about comments can lead you to others until you get a full understanding of the value of comments and how to do them properly.

Step by step SOE, search engine optimization

One of the big categories for us to learn well. Search Engine Optimization. There are several posts at Wealthy Affiliate about SEO but here are two that are the easiest to understand and one is a video by the main WA live trainer, his name is Jay and he is great about training us in a laid-back entertaining way. He uses plain English instead of ‘industry jargon’ so it is easy to understand him. His 21-minute video to SEO ranking video shows him getting an article of his ranked on page one in about 12 minutes using his SEO methods from the video. Go check it out.

Step by step understanding website management

Don’t let the term worry you as I did. It is much easier than it sounds. The control center is called the ‘back office’ of the blog and it is almost all point and click. You do need to keep an eye on it all though and Kyle teaches us how in the above link and this one: More website management.

This journey is getting to be much more fun than I thought. Learning all this stuff has been a blast. I tried to do this back in the early days of the internet and couldn’t make any progress at all. In those days you needed to know how to write code and or HTML when it began. Now it really is easy.

Step by step getting better at website design and management

Some more in-depth techniques for managing your website to focus on ‘your brand’ that you’re creating with your blog content and the things you decide to represent on your site with ads are taught in the next sections. They teach us to carve out a long-term vision for the work. They go

happy lady at her laptop
Website development

into more depth with creating the keyword rich content.

That is an ongoing process that you will learn new things often and get better and better. They show the ways to get indexed with Google in just a few moments.

Then they teach how to gain traffic to your blog and how important that is to your blog’s success. They teach you how to gain the trust that Google needs in your website’s authority. Then they go into scaling your site with efficiency.

Step By Step Social media strategy.

That link above is just one of the many social media strategies you can find out there. Just make sure you use one from someone who is successful at it. I’ve had my Pinterest account for about three months and I get over a quarter of a million viewers per month to my profile already. That can be a potential quarter of a million visitors to your blog if you use Pinterest properly. Not that my way is the only way. There are many successful Pinterest marketers out there willing to show you how they did it. My Pinterest training is right here and it’s free.

Another great social media strategy is to use Pinterest and here is an expert who will show you her training and videos free also.

Here is an example of a pin of mine on Pinterest where I get 233,000 visitors a month.

At This Point, You Should Have A Blog Running

You should have several articles written and posted. You may be straightening your blog and making it pretty now.

After the main 5 courses are taught it isn’t over. The help is always there for us. They have set up

social media icons
Get involved in social media for your blog traffic

lines of communication and the community of new and experienced bloggers and affiliates have the motivation to stay there and help out because of it.

Kyle and Carson have created an online community of like-minded people and they built an atmosphere of helping that is amazing to be part of.

The challenges of making your living or building a huge business online don’t end at the training. So it is good and smart to stay involved with that enormous community for ideas and solutions as you go on with your blog and adventure online.

Now You Know What To Do Each Day For Your Blog

Focus on becoming the best article writer you can. I am not insulting your writing abilities. Writing articles is so different. The best reason to explain why you should focus on articles at this point is that we are content marketers. We market our content. It is the content of our blogs that we then monetize. But you have to have quality, relevant, and helpful content that will rank on the search engines and drive readers to your blog before you worry about monetization.

So learning to write great articles is very important. You can learn for free right here.

It takes new skills unless you have marketing training already. You can learn those new skills at the Wealthy Affiliate University. The same place where over a million other people get their training. No kidding they have over a million people signed up there.

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