Cool Story Alert! Very Short Fiction Stories

They are being called ‘Flash Fiction’ stories and they are only around a thousand words each. I prefer Short Fiction Stories, but that is just me. Flash might be flashy but it doesn’t sound right.

There are sites that have been popping up that you can get your flash fiction published online. Of course, most of them don’t pay for your story. So many experts seem to agree that we need to post or give away our work to further our careers, what do you think?

So what would a flash fiction short erotic story look, or actually read like? I checked out a few of them and to my surprise and excitement, they were good. Real good. I needed a shower after good. It’s called: ‘Dirty Little Numbers: Erotic Flash Fiction of 500 Words or Less’ and it is quick to the action that readers all want anyway. They don’t mess around with a ton of backstory or scene details. They get right to what most erotic fiction readers really want= the sex.

I really like this idea. How many of you have found that the stories you are passionate about writing come out short and sweet? Or short and powerful? Most of mine do but not quite as short as these new ones at 1000 words or less. I considered one solution to making these very short stories more readable for those who really need more details or a good mental image of the scene. Adding illustrations to the story. I really like the kind of story that you can quickly glance at the illustration or photo and get right to the story. A new character enters your story is seamless and fast for the reader.

In a story say I want you to see a tall blonde woman with an athletic build who is frazzled and sweaty from exercise. Her efforts are to try to regain the lost youth when all men were at her feet. She is still gorgeous and well-built from head to toe. Particularly her chest. She paid a huge sum for it to be just right. However, she has what she considers to be nasty wrinkles in her skin showing up all over. In bright light, she looks much older and it is devastating to her.

Now- imagine if I found an illustration or even a photograph of this woman and placed it in the book as I introduced her to the story. I don’t have to say any of the above do I. My readers will already have the image I wanted for them as the action gets going. It frees me to just write the story.

I do realize one paragraph descriptions aren’t a big delay in the story, but we both know that most stories have a good deal more than one paragraph to show us who this person is.

It will be closer to how you probably tell your stories to friends about some adventures in dating you have survived or some other escapade. You spend little to no time describing the person you had sex with. Most of us just tell the story right? Photographs and or illustrations do the ‘Show them’ chore of the story for us.

Tell me what you think about all this. I am especially interested in what kind of stories you love to write.

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  1. Hi Nafasia,

    I can see what you are saying regarding most people just talk about the sex. On the other hand, I have experienced conversations where the person was very proud of how attractive their partner was so they actually spent more time describing that. Have you experienced this as well?

    1. Yes, I have Tony. It’s why we have all forms of the books these days i think. Flash Fiction, short stories, novella or full novel. this new flash fiction seems to be suited for adult material. It’s all good i think

    2. I forgot to thank you for your comment Tony so thank you.

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