The Great StoryTellers –Series pt. 3 Roald Dahl

the Great Storytellers Series

greatest storytellers all time

Willy Wonka and Charlie

Yes, For a time during WW2 Mr. Dahl was a spy. His job, unfortunately, seemed to be having affairs to gain information. Roald worked with Ian Fleming, the James Bond creator.

Roald Dahl, a Welshman born in 1916, is our hero and death is the villain. In this story, the villain is a disastrous factor in the creation of the man, Roald -one of the great storytellers all time. After reading about his tragic life you may wonder how Roald avoided becoming another of death’s victims. How did he remain the hero? Or did he? Not the entire Roald Dahl life story, but some flashy bits, and phizzy clips.

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The Great StoryTellers -Series Part 2

What you may not know about the Brothers Grimm

Brothers Grimm painting

Today I’m taking you back to the future from Aesop’s time -First Post of series-  to the Brothers Grimm. Surely these two fit into the great storytellers all-time series.

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. They have a dark past. Many of their stories had disturbing acts that were changed or removed over time. These two were on a hunt. A life quest.

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The Great Storytellers

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The Storytellers

Aesop is well known among readers as one of our great storytellers all time. Maybe the earliest superstar storyteller. People remember Aesop’s fables forever but did you know he was a slave? Yes, one of the greatest storytellers of all time was a slave in ancient Greece.

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How to use Pinterest to Drive Traffic To Your Blog

How to get more traffic to your website for free

Set up a business account with Pinterest. It is free for now so take advantage while you still can.

Next, begin making boards and title them with things you are interested in. It should be related to your blog niche when you can. Make several boards. Fill those boards up with at least 9 pins before you move on to the next board.

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